Hairwear is a Deva Inspired Salon. Home to  stylists that are trained in curl-specific services. From entry-level Product Pro to our highest Deva Certified designation you’re bound to find a stylist who will care for your unique curls. Hairwear is the only Deva Inspired Salon in the New Orleans metro area, with advanced certification! We’ve got you covered.


What is a DevaCut?

A DevaCut is a dry cut technique that is done on curly hair in its natural state performed by a certified DevaCurl Inspired Advanced Stylist.

What is my hair’s “natural state?”

Clean, dry hair that has not been brushed, combed, pony-tailed, clipped up or pulled back in a headband, and is not matted in any way. As a DevaCurl stylist, I need to be able to read the spring factor of the curl and the varying curl forms that appear all over your head. Use styling product as you normally would.

How do I need to prepare for this service?

One or two weeks before your scheduled appointment, you should only wash your hair with conditioner, known as “co-washing.” Having styling product in the hair is recommended, as it helps define the natural form of the curl you possess.

Why Co-washing?

The agent most shampoos have in them that makes bubbles has no cleansing properties whatsoever. This chemical is there to make lather because most people don’t think they are getting clean without it. In fact, this agent never gets rinsed out because curly hair is very porous. It makes the hair dull, coated, traps dirt and suffocates curls. Warm water and friction on the scalp will usually do the trick to clean your hair and conditioner will add moisture. A clean scalp means clean hair.

Is there anything else I need to do?

Come with an open mind! We have been blessed with this beautiful fabric on our heads but, a lack of knowledge on how to treat it. You will be introduced to a lot of tips and tricks to make your curls rock but you may have to change some of your bad habits


THE FOLLOW UP: Do the Three Steps

  1. Cleanse
  2. Hydrate
  3. Style
  4. Cleanse: Using No Poo or Low Poo non-lather or low lather cleanser, pay attention to applying to scalp while using warm water and friction. A clean scalp is clean hair.
  5. Hydrate: Using DevaCurl or DevaCare One Condition. Pay attention to applying conditioner to ends adding warm water to detangle with fingers only and smooth hair down the shaft from roots to ends. The aim is to seal the shaft in its most hydrated state which is soaking wet. Use a ribboning action as you glide flat fingers down lengths of hair connecting frizz into curl groupings. Hint: Save water by filling a plastic cup or bowl with warm water so you can turn water off while completing this step. To ensure height in the crown, flip head over allowing gravity to get curls to hang in their groupings. Rinse lightly under shower in this position leaving as much conditioner in hair as needed for hydration and frizz control. Turn off the water and gently squeeze excess water from hair from ends to scalp. Be gentle as what happens from wet to dry makes or breaks your style. Use a microfiber towel or old t-shirt to gently “blot” the hair, never ring or twist as you will pull curls out of shape and create frizz.
  6. Style: Apply style products while head is flipped over to optimize height and fullness. Whatever product you choose, gel should be the last product to seal hair in its most hydrated state and shape. Glaze product over hair in an open palm, praying hands motion. You must hear a squishing sound during this step. Once product is applied, blot once more with a micro-fiber towel or poly/cotton t-shirt to remove excess water. Flip hair back and carefully place hair in desired parting. Use double-prong meal clips to hold root area in an elevated shape while air-drying or diffusing. Curls should not be touched until totally dry land the cast is set. Once dry you can break up the cast by sliding fingers along scalp and shaking the root area. Gently scrunch the ends until gel cast is softened and desired volume is achieved.

Second day, third day, fourth day,…..:

Curls need moisture from water. Wet palms with water and add styling product. Emulsify and glaze flat palms over canopy to connect frizz back into their curl groupings. Repeat water, product, emulsify and scrunch into ends until curls regroup. Allow to air dry or diffuse before releasing the cast.