Post Graduate Studies

Owner/Stylist; Terri Malone

Are you ever asked, “Do you know how to cut curly hair?”. Do you say “yes” because you are a licensed cosmetologist/barber? You think that gives you license to cut all hair types, right?Well your clients are doing research and leaning that hair with texture needs special attention. Are you researching as well?Curlology 101: Post Graduate Studies will give you the edge you were never taught in traditional beauty college/barber school. Are you ready to take the next step to learn what curls, waves, and coils need? Yes, waves.  In our world we say “where there’s a wave, there’s a curl”. Texture is texture and needs special care, knowledge, and a whooooole new language.

Location; dates and times:

Trainings will take place at Hairwear/Home of Crescent City Curly Girl Salon. 3213 17th St., Metairie, La 70002 on Mondays from 12-5 pm.


 Hands on private lesson. 5 hours. Must bring live model.

Contact the salon for details on pricing. 504-444-1123

Certification Included: (See Below)

Upon completion of the course, you will receive an official certification of completion from Crescent City Curly Girl’s “Curlology 101”.

What You Will Learn:

* Curl Facts: What you are not taught in traditional beauty college/barber school
* Curl Consultation: How to properly assess the client’s spring factor and desired shape. This  includes consulting the client on how to arrive for a curly cut.  It’s not your  “momma’s” haircut. There are a set of rules for pre-arrival.
* A Dry Cutting Technique:  Applies to all curl types.  Must bring a live curly model   in order to execute this segment.
* How to properly cleanse, hydrate, and set up curls for being worn in their natural state. Blow “frying” is a thing of the past.
* Curly hair is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle….a movement!!!