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Hairwear has been providing clients with high quality up-to-date hair style, cut and color for over 30 years. We are committed  to continuing education and  techniques. We offer a full range of services and specialties to meet all of your hair needs including high-quality products.


Meet our team.

As the owner of Hairwear, I would like to introduce the lovely curly girls who make things happen at our salon.


DevaCurl Mission and Core Values:

Ask a curly girl about her hair and she’ll tell you about her life…

My mission as a DevaCurl Stylist is beautifully simple and drives everything I do – To empower individuals to realize their curl potential, inspire curl confidence and in the process, transform curl culture.


This guiding intention informs the way I approach each client, my business, and my ways of working. I believe that curly hair is more than a trend – it’s always in style.


As a Deva Stylist, I am here to help curly girls and guys break free from the chains of trend tyranny. Through education on the beauty and possibility of curls, clients are liberated from the concern of what’s “in” and recognize that true style comes from living their true self.  I understand that deep relationships are built upon trust and emotional connection.  You talk; I listen and understand first before ever picking up a pair of shears, coloring or styling tool.

I look for opportunities to embrace and celebrate the individuality of curls by identifying the inherent beauty presented helping clients see a new range of possibilities. I am trained to guide each client in the use of appropriate tools and techniques, allowing them to love what they already have and help change negative self-perceptions into positive ones.


Curl Fact #1- 65% or more of the world’s population is naturally curly.

Curl Fact #2- For every 32,000 curly clients, there is only one curly hair specialist.